129 Duane Street, New York, NY 10013
P:212.227.7500 F:212.227.7502
Antiqueria Tribeca's specialty is European 20th Century furniture. The gallery boasts a collection of French Art Deco furnishings and accessories. You will also find fabulous 30's Murano and Art Deco chandeliers and sconces.
Living well is still a central element of the Art Deco philosophy. Marion and Peter Feig, owners of Antiqueria Tribeca, greet all who enter their gallery with the same graciousness they extend their guests in their own home.
Our goal at Antiqueria Tribeca is to offer you affordable yet elegant and unique furnishings of the highest quality. We travel the world and hand pick each item to guarantee you the finest in style and design. Satisfying the taste of today's sophisticated and knowledgeable collectors is our primary mission.